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This week in crypto, 33 cyber criminals were arrested and the OneCoin ponzi scheme got a movie… starring Kate Winslet.

Over the weekend…

The 350 members of Spain’s lower house received the equivalent of a Euro in crypto. Sent by Tutellus, a decentralized platform with the aim of tokenizing education, their goal is to make the Spanish government more aware of crypto and their potential role in society.

Kate Winslet will be starring in a movie about the OneCoin scandal. She will be playing a Scottish woman who fell victim to the ponzi scheme.

On Monday…

Asic Jungle unveiled a beta for a cryptocurrency mining hardware marketplace. The company’s CEO stated that it provides a trustworthy environment for buying and selling, without brokerage fees or ‘sketchy’ channels.

Crypto and forex scams are on the rise in Belgium. Last year, investors lost $12 million to these scams. The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) blacklisted more that 140 crypto related fraudulent websites earlier this year.

On Tuesday…

Spain drafted a bill that could make crypto trading more difficult for its citizens. The bill, called “Draft on Measures to Prevent and Combat Tax Fraud,” would require citizens to report any usage or holdings of digital assets, even if they are held or transacted outside of Spain.

Germany’s energy innovation wing is looking at blockchain tech to decentralize their power grid. “The concept of microgrids — smaller, decentralized energy grids to improve resiliency energy generation, storage and distribution — have been a focus for the energy industry for years, so we should not be surprised that similar decentralized approaches are being explored across the entire energy market.”

On Wednesday…

Trezor announced a new desktop wallet. They claim it provides “more robust protection,” and eliminates the risk of phishing attacks.

On Thursday…

USD Coin (USDC) will soon be available on the Stellar blockchain. USDC is currently hosted on Ethereum, and is expected to be available on Stellar in Q1 2021.

An analyst report revealed that more than half of the Ethereum supply has not moved in the last 12 months. It is believed whales have been stocking up in preparation for ETH2.0.

On Friday…

Five Russian banks are seeking to pilot a digital Ruble. The first pilots are set to launch early next year, once the “On Digital Financial Assets” law is adopted. The banks include the Credit Bank of Moscow, Crimea’s Russian National Commercial Bank, commercial bank Zenit, mortgage bank Dom.RF, and state-backed Promsvyazbank.

33 crypto criminals were arrested in multiple cases. The first case saw Europol arrest 20 members of the QQAAZZ criminal network. QQAAZZ laundered tens of millions of euros for cybercriminals. The second case involved the arrest of seven New Zealanders who used crypto to launder $2 million. In the last case, six were arrested for conspiring to launder millions for foreign cartels… All in a day!

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