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This week, we have news featuring EQUOS (yes, that’s us), blockchain city tokens, and the recent Twitter hack.

Over the weekend…, a Chinese mining pool, created a “joint mining” platform which allows users to mine remotely by purchasing hash power. They only charge service and maintenance fees after miners have made as much as they spent on equipment. It hopes to make mining easier for individuals as well as institutions.

On Monday…

Limestone Network announced it will list its native token, LIMEX, on Bitrue. LIMEX will integrate an entire smart city’s applications through the token, starting with their project in Phnom Penh.

Bitcoin hit its highest price in over 10 months. This is its best performance since September 2019 — does someone smell a bull run?

On Tuesday…

Cellebrite released a cryptocurrency tracer solution that allows governments and financial institutions the ability to track illegal transactions. The tool tracks digital currency involved in money laundering, terrorism, drugs, human trafficking, weapon sales, and ransomware schemes.

The Bank of Russia (BOR) confirms its stance on crypto, calling it a financial pyramid. During a YouTube interview, the first deputy governor of the BOR said, “We do not support investment in this criminal sector”. Ouch.

On Wednesday…

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the Philippines’ central bank, announced its intentions to look into a CBDC. BSP formed a committee that will report findings in August on the implications of a CBDC creation.

The Electric Coin Company created a “Crypto in Context” program that looks to educate regions in need about blockchain solutions. They aim to create a system that helps leaders in underserved crypto communities host workshops to teach about crypto, brainstorm solutions, and create adoption scenarios, among others.

The UAE released its nationwide data blockchain platform. It creates a KYC data sharing ecosystem to expedite and improve digital onboarding in different financial institutions.

On Thursday…

Iran announced it will allow power plants to mine Bitcoin as long as they do not use subsidized fuel. They must also acquire necessary licenses and adhere to tariffs.

Diginex publicly launched their own digital asset exchange, EQUOS, and is set to become the first crypto exchange on the Nasdaq. That’s us, you know, in case you haven’t heard.

The USA printed more money in one month than it had in 200 years. GDP is down 32.9% on an annualized basis, the worst drop in history.

On Friday…

The Bank of Japan appointed Kazushige Kamiyama as the lead in its CBDC research. Japan is looking into research but has no announced plans as of right now to begin development.

Twitter released details on the recent hack. Employees were targeted through a phone spear phishing attack, and the company has since restricted access to internal tools, systems, and data.

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