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Sleek, professional, and intuitive — we have created a theme to match our trading experience.

Today we unveil our latest Trading User Interface (UI) — EQUOS Dark Theme Pro. We have created this sleek trading UI following extensive consultation with experienced professional traders to give you an intuitive trading platform.

We have restructured the trading screen so that it better suits how traders absorb key, critical, and time-sensitive information before placing an order.

Now, analysis, trading, and portfolio monitoring is more logical, easy to use, and at your fingertips.

When you log in, you will find a clean and uncluttered top toolbar menu, where you can access price, daily high/low, and support.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new design. Get involved in the conversation on Telegram here. [link to]

If you prefer our “Classic” theme, do not worry, you can easily revert to it in your user settings.

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EQUOS is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on offering innovative product and services that are compliant, fair, and trusted.

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